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DrupalCamp Colorado is excited to offer half-day training courses on Friday, August 14. Each training will feature a deep-dive into the chosen topic, led by a subject-matter expert.

Project Management for Drupal Projects

Open Source Drupal Development is a specialty and so is Drupal Project Management. What can you do to ensure your next Drupal project is a huge success for your organization? Join us as we share our experience working with some of the largest and most complex projects ever built and help you understand and implement best practices at every stage of your project.

Getting Started with Drupal 8

In this training, Pantheon’s expert Drupal instructors will walk you through the essentials of creating your first Drupal website. By the end, you’ll have an understanding of Drupal’s fundamental building blocks and a working sandbox on Pantheon that you can continue to use for as long as you like.

Drupal Testing Crash Course

Writing tests is one of the best ways to guarantee quality software, prevent bugs, and produce clean and scalable code; yet many developers still don’t include tests with their code. This training will address common misconceptions, by presenting the actual value of employing test-driven development methodologies within your software development life cycle.