Advanced analytics processes for content migrations


Big data rules differ when it comes to web content because there is no slimming down the variables to achieve a higher point of accuracy in predictions or observations. Instead, we can look at the cross-industry standard process for data mining (CRISP-DM) process with the end goal of performing "rolling" migrations during the development of the new Drupal site.

No content migration project should be undertaken when the process to do so is unclear, or worse, unknown. Many content projects in general are the cause of missed deadlines, going over budget, or the client losing faith in the project. Add in the complexity of correctly addressing hundreds of thousands of entities, and you have a recipe for stress and anxiety.

In this presentation, I'll explain how the CRISP-DM process can be applied to content migrations as well as how data should be accounted for during a migration project in order to keep stakeholders fully aware and up to date with the end goal of delivering a completed migration of all content while avoiding unnecessary pain-points.


Back End Development
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Session Time
12:00 pm ~ 12:45 pm