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Support DrupalCamp Colorado and the Drupal Association in uncertain times.

Drupalcamp Colorado has always been an event intended to grow and support the thriving Drupal community in Colorado and beyond. Now that mission has become more important than ever. In these uncertain times, it is imperative to come together and support the communities and organizations that have made the Drupal project what it is today.

Regardless of what the next few months bring, we are committed to holding a virtual camp on August 14-16 of this year.

As part of the #DrupalCares campaign, we'll be donating all camp profits to the Drupal Association and providing a Drupal Association donation match of two dollars to one, up to a maximum total match of $5,000. Check out the full details of our campaign.

We fully realize the financial hardship this year has brought for many in our community, but, if you are able, we would be more grateful than ever for your sponsorship, or for you to join us by donating in support of the DA. 

Take a look at our prospectus and please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns - sponsor@drupalcampcolorado.org.

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