Maintainer Interview: Gábor Hojtsy


With the move to an entirely virtual camp, we’re excited to welcome presenters from around the globe to DrupalCamp Colorado. We’ve taken this opportunity to add a new session format to the camp - Maintainer Interviews.

Maintainer Interviews will be 45 minute sessions in which a Drupal community member who has been doing particularly impactful work will have a conversation with Rachel Lawson, the Drupal Association’s Community Liaison. Each interview will be unique, conversational and interactive, with the opportunity for attendees to submit questions in real time.

Join us for this unique conversation with Kaleem Clarkson and submit your own questions that will help shape the conversation.

About Gábor:
An avid open source enthusiast and contributor. Gábor is the Drupal 9 initiative coordinator, Drupal core product manager and initiative coordinator working with, and on, the open source project itself at Acquia. Gábor is a regular Drupal event speaker and organizer, and does communication and social media for various initiatives.

Gábor used to be the Drupal 8 multilingual initiative lead and the former release manager of Drupal 6.

Gábor is also passionate about singing, music and amateur acting, especially when these are all combined, however he has little time for that alongside his two adorable kids.

Being Human
Hopin Stage
Session Time
11:00 am ~ 11:45 am