Keynote: Given the Choices We Have with Fatima Khalid


In this Actions Speak Louder than Code interactive series,  you will embark on choose-your-own-adventure making choices about where our stories lead and observe the impacts together.

From being harassed in the streets, getting hit with eggs, pushed around in an airport security line to awkward conversations and praying in corners at the office, Muslims in America are impacted by Islamophobia every day. American Muslims stand at the intersection of a very complex identity and have to ask themselves where they belong. The options we have and the choices we can make are limited by who we are.

Experience the everyday stories of young Muslim Americans and learn how to be better allies. Educate yourselves on islamophobia, racism, privilege and build empathy for the Muslims and other marginalized groups in your communities.

About Fatima
Fatima Sarah Khalid is a Developer Programs Engineer at Pantheon, where she works on the Developer Relations team - maintaining open source developer tools, delivering workshops, attending and speaking at conferences like this one. She’s passionate about open source and committed to making technology spaces more inclusive.

On the internets, she’s known as the “effervescent sugaroverflow” and is a volunteer for the DrupalCon Program team, the beast wrangler (in charge of projects) at the Bad Idea Factory (BIFFUD), and a curator for the Civic Tech Guide. She is also the former leader of the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion working group. In 2018, she was awarded the Women in Technology & Communications Canada Rising Star award.

Before the pandemic, she was hanging out at Cat Town Oakland or competing in axe-throwing leagues. Now, she plays Overcooked with friends and messes around with her roomba on the weekends.

Being Human
Hopin Stage
Session Time
09:00 am ~ 10:00 am