Building individual resolve and resiliency for the long run


Do you feel pulled in a hundred different directions, as if your to do list is never ending? Perhaps you’re being confronted with the unknown, uncertainty, or an overwhelmed feeling? It’s hard to know how to dig yourself out of that place and come up for a breath of fresh air. It is in these quiet moments, however, when we can begin to reshape our habits related to self-care and identify a path forward to build our own individual resolve and resilience.

This session is for any individual who wants to bring their best selves forward, but may not know where to start. At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Recognize the top signs of when they need to step away from the keyboard and practice self-care and self-compassion,
  2. Put into practice key methods for achieving mindfulness and resiliency through habit and movement, and
  3. Create and use a personal self-care roadmap for the long run.

An avid endurance and strength athlete, I have found that the growth principles acquired through physical movement also apply to my mental and emotional well-being. I focus on forming good habits in life, and on projects in the workplace, for myself, my partner, family, and friends, and colleagues and clients, knowing that good habits lead to positive outcomes. Session participants will be coached through making the connection between forming habits and self-care. You’ll learn to recognize that challenges form habits that help you excel in the workplace (and beyond), and take care of yourself at the same time.


Mental Health
Hopin Sessions
Session Time
01:00 pm ~ 01:45 pm