April 11, 2020

DrupalCamp Colorado and COVID-19

Here at DrupalCamp Colorado, we’re keeping a close eye on everything happening around the world to ensure we make the best decisions possible for the health and safety of our community members and attendees. We understand that DrupalCamp Colorado 2020 will look very different from camps of years past, but one thing we have decided for sure is: DrupalCamp Colorado 2020 will still take place August 14-16 of this year.

As of right now, we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best. We see two potential scenarios: an entirely virtual camp or a hybrid in-person/virtual camp. Despite the heartbreaking situation, we see that connecting communities is more important than ever and we are prepared to step up to the challenge of adapting our event to stand strong in a turbulent time.

We do not currently have a deadline for our decision regarding the format of the camp, but we will be monitoring the situation and frequently posting updates to ensure our community is well-informed.

Registration is officially open and we would love for you to commit to joining us at DrupalCamp Colorado 2020. If you donate $30 or more as part of an individual sponsorship, we’ll even ship you this year’s t-shirt! We’ve also added the option to make a donation to the Drupal Association, with or without registering for the camp - so, why donate to the Drupal Association through our website? We’ll match your donation, two dollars to one, up to a maximum match of $5,000. If you donate $25 through our website, the DA will receive a total donation of $75!

Thank you in advance for your support and we can’t wait to see you at DrupalCamp Colorado 2020, whether that be in person at the King Center or on our brand new virtual platform.